When Your ‘Secret Project’ isn’t Secret Anymore

Back in May, a little town council report emerged in the Alamogordo Times. The subject? ‘Fuel entertainment has been granted exclusive permission to excavate the landfill in search of buried Atari merchandise’.  

If a town council resolution can ever be said to have gone viral, this was it.

The next thing we knew, the little pet project we had been keeping quiet for years was in the first section of the New York Times, on the front page of the BBC’s website, in all our favourite gaming publications, and on the 6 o’clock news in almost every major city in the country.

Sure, the PR whirlwind was an amazing thing for us to experience, but we were nervous, too. You see, a major part of the success on this project relied on the bringing together of several partners to help support the costs around the excavation, and the actual production of the documentary.

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